Publication Journey

Book Series Description

I'm sagging in the middle of my first WIP so I decided I need to rethink my characters. There is a lot to learn to writing a novel, like doing…Read more


Well, I started off pretty good on November 1st for the National Novel Writing Month contest. On Thursday night Ugly Betty, Grey's Anatomy and ER were my focus. Ok, I…Read more

WIP Update

Ok, the fact that I have not posted in a while has really been working my nerves. Why? I usually don't like to check blogs that are not updated frequently.…Read more


I have joined a couple of online writing groups this summer. I also decided to do invest financially in my writing career. The American Christian Fiction Writers (ACFW) has been…Read more

Go For It!

I've let a few folks, like family and friends know I'm seriously writing. This basically means I'm not talking about I "want to write" a book, but I am writing.…Read more

Why Fiction?

A few years ago I mentioned my desire to write a book to somebody. The response was rather discouraging. Her response was, "There are so many books in the world,…Read more