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I started off my social media campaign for When Perfection Fails on PWICU. I wrote a blog post that I thought would be something else, but turned out to be the most transparent piece I have written for the public in quite a few years. Enjoy!

WHEN-PERFECTION-FAILS-2Characters Developed from the Soul

Often times at book events or interviews, I’m asked when did I start writing. I always answer “officially” in 2006. I have always been a writer and loved making up stories since I was six or seven. 2006 was a pivotal year for me. I started that year burnt-out and a very near close to depression (I didn’t know it at the time).  I think I spent all of 2005 whining and wailing in my journal.

On New Year’s Eve, I like to spend time curled up with a notebook and a pen, my two comfort tools.  At the beginning of that year, I asked God for a new direction creatively. You see I live and breathe creativity. I get bored easily and in all honesty, being creative is an escape for me. I love brainstorming and seeing ideas come to life.  Though I love the creative process, I had taken on projects that I might should have prayed for better discernment from God.

So after making my teary plea, it may have been a few days later, but characters showed up in my mind. The concept wasn’t foreign to me, like I said as a child, and then as teenager I loved making up stories. I liked seeing reactions to my stories from my parents, teachers and other students. But like a lot of us as we grow older,  I buried the joy of storytelling.


Tyora Moody is the author of Soul-Searching Suspense novels in the Reed Family Series, Serena Manchester Series, Victory Gospel Series and the Eugeena Patterson Mysteries. She is also the author of the nonfiction book, The Literary Entrepreneur’s Toolkit, and the compilation editor for the Stepping Into Victory Compilations under her company, Tymm Publishing LLC.

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