From a little girl, Tyora “Ty” Moody, has always known she would pursue two passions. One was writing, while the other was owning her own business.

In 1999, Tyora started Tywebbin Creations LLC, her literary services company.   She has worked with authors for well over a decade, providing services like book covers, interior layouts, book trailers, coordinating virtual events and social media management. Her patient, down-to-earth personality has put over a hundred clients at ease as she worked closely with them to design or market a book online.

Tyora’s second business, Tymm Publishing LLC, was established in 2012.  Under this company, Tyora has published the Reed Family NovellasEugeena Patterson Mysteries, Stepping Into Victory AnthologiesThe Literary Entrepreneur and also operates several blogs under the Tymm Media imprint.

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