Women in the Bible | Sarah, Waiting on the Lord

Women in the Bible | Sarah, Waiting on the Lord

Now Sarai, Abram’s wife, had borne him no children. But she had an Egyptian maidservant named Hagar; so she said to Abram, “The LORD has kept me from having children. Go, sleep with my maidservant; perhaps I can build a family through her. — Genesis 16:1-2 NIV


Quick Facts

  • Husband: Abraham
  • Son: Isaac
  • Original name was “Sarai”


Sarah was unable to have children. With both her and Abraham, being on the far end of being senior citizens, it appeared to be a pretty dim chance they would ever produce children. But God had clearly promised Abraham (at age 75) that all the people on earth would be blessed through his offspring.

Not fully comprehending God’s plan, Sarah decided to interpret a bit by following a traditional custom. She asked her Egyptian handmaiden, Hagar, to sleep with her husband. When Hagar became pregnant, Sarah noticed her handmaiden began to act superior to her. The word used in the scripture was “despise.” The value of having a child still haunted Sarah in her own household as the mistress realized her own value to Abraham compared to Sarah who had remained barren after so many years of marriage.


God had promised Abraham that he would have descendents …so many that he could not even count for they would be numbered like the stars (Genesis 15:5). As time passed by, the couple became older and physically it seemed impossible for them to conceive a child. But what seemed impossible in human eyes is often possible in God’s eyes. The child would be born according to God’s timing and plan.

Often we become impatient waiting on God’s plan and we decide to hurry the process along ourselves. When we do our own thing, like Sarah we often feel the results our actions afterward. Sarah regretted her hasty decision to provide her husband an heir through her handmaiden because she did not comprehend one important aspect.

When the servant ridiculed Sarah’s inability to conceive, it proved to make matters worse. It was very important during biblical times for a woman to provide her husband with sons. Sons were needed to ensure the continuation of the family genealogy.  While her husband received a son, Sarah still was unfulfilled. God intended for both of them to be fulfilled which included ending Sarah’s barren state. By not waiting on the Lord, Sarah delayed her personal opportunity to be blessed.

Some of our troubles are unexpected trials and tests of faith, but many times, the cause for our suffering, stems from our own “Mr or Ms. Fix-It” mentality. What we thought was broken and needed our expertise, in fact was never broken, but God’s will. His intent is to bless us when were are full ready to receive.


Those that wait on the Lord will fly up like eagles, they will walk and not be weary, they will run and not be faint. — Isaiah 40:31

It took me almost ten years to figure out my career calling. I’ve wanted to try everything from nursing to teaching to engineering.  My confusion was caused by my need to find my calling “NOW” in terms of waiting on the Lord.  I also had to many people telling me what I should try, So I tried this and that, never feeling completely fulfilled.

I finally discovered God wanted me equipped to use technology and  I’m more comfortable than I ever have been in pursuing my career goals.  My early years of  pursuing how things work and passion for creativity were purposeful designed to be a part of my personality.

Whenever we try to handle things our own way, we show distrust in God. Don’t give up on the Lord when it seems your prayers are going unanswered. When you pray to him, He has already worked out a solution to your problems and has the next step mapped out in your journey.

One of my favorite songs is by gospel artist, Dottie Peeples, is “He’s an on-time God, yes, he is! He’s an on-time God, yes, he is! He may not come when you want Him, but He’ll be there right on time. He’s an on-time God, yes, he is!”

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